Friday, September 26, 2008


My little Beezees!

Now has 12 teeth and has plenty still budding. He has 8 teeth in the front, and 4 very big teeth in the back (2 on top 2 on bottom).

Weighs about 26 pounds and is solid as a rock. When I hold him I feel as if I am carrying a sack of potatoes. Its awkward and I never now when part of him will decide to squirm in the opposite direction. Then flip in every which way until I put 'em on the floor.

His current favorite food is Captain Crunch and Ego Chocolate Chip Waffles. The occasional chicken nugget doesn't hurt either. And he loves Chocolate milk..... wow, he's really starting to sound like he takes after me with all these Chocolate friendly foods!

Anyways, here are some pictures that I just feel like posting! Enjoy!

Here he is a little too happy to be wearing my Betty Boop scrub top!

Look Mommy! I found a great place to hide your keys and your CELL PHONE! Its funny to me that he's almost 16 months old and he can already disassemble my printer. I actually learned a thing or two from him!! Sheesh! Smarty Pants!


Jessica said...

My goodness! Hayden's definitely rocking and rolling! You're doing a fantastic job, Andrea!

Jessica said...

WOW, I apparently can't use the keys on the keyboard right for Brayden.. it's too early. I just got up for my little guy and can't sleep now.

Wendy said...

He is into everything, wow! I'm not so sure I can handle a boy.