Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mt. Charleston

Ruthie, Brayden and I drove to Mt. Charleston today. It actually snowed in the valley here! But since I'm originally from Utah, Its hard to impress me with little 'flakes' and call it a snow storm. However, even though the flakes were minimal and had a short stay on the ground, they still made me miss home.

So we decided to take her new truck for an adventure to Nevada's mountain to see PILES of snow for ourselves (a little bit more like home). It was lots of fun. I really love the snow (and Ruthie's new truck) and I'm counting down the days until Brayden and I go home from Christmas!

Holiday Tag

I was tagged by Sara!!

Top 3 Vacations
-The Caribbean cruise we went on early this year-It was awesome!
-Vancouver- Troy and I went to Canada when we still lived in Washington. I loved it!
-Its a tie for Hawaii and San Diego. My two favorite places because people I love are there.

Top 3 Favorite Flowers
-Fire and ice roses.
-And I think daisies are a very friendly flower.

Top 3 favorite comfort foods
-Stroganoff. My dad used to make it, and I make it just like he did...
-Baked cream cheese chicken and potatoes casserole.
-Brownies and root beer floats. (I know floats don't count because they're a drink, but I always have them together).

Top 3 Places to Shop
-Since I'm a mom, Children's Place. Best place for kiddos.
-Old Navy.

Top 3 Opinions About Halloween
-I like dressing 'other' people up (aka Brayden). Not really myself.
-I like giving out the full size treats.. BUT I hate giving them to kids who are greedy and want more than one. Ew. Other kids need treats too!
-Glad Brayden was too young to eat his candy this year, more for me!

Top 3 Opinions About Thanksgiving
-I love it.
-I love food and family.
-I love mashed potatoes! Nuff said!

Top 3 Opinions About Christmas
-My favorite holiday, I love decorating for xmas.... even though I haven't done it this year. (And I'm with Sara on this one, un-decorating isn't near as fun. Its annoying.)
-I love our brunch every Christmas morning at my grandma's, promptly at 11. Its every year without fail.
-Makes me thankful that there is such a thing as family. Even if some very important members are on the other side of the world and missing this great holiday with their families.

Top 3 things I look forward to during the week
-Troy's morning call, usually 9 a.m. every morning.
-My nightly walks with beez.
-Web cam with Troy. Its cool to watch his face when he looks at Brayden.

Top 3 Events Happening This Week
-I'm driving home to Utah.
-I'm attending my parent's open house party on Saturday.
-I'm going out to dinner with Shannon.

Now I am going to tag......Scarlett, Wendy, Christie, Shannon, Jessica, and Holly.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucky #7 Tag

I was tagged by Scarlett!

7 Things I Can Do:
-Take pictures. I love to do it, but I'm far from being a professional.
-I can still do a back bend, and yes I'm very proud of that.
-I can Rollerblade! I just push the stroller around now when I go cruising in the neighborhood.
-I can play the piano.
-I have a good memory of home layouts. This is beyond worthless, but if I'm in someones house, I can go home and draw it if I wanted to.
-I can make 'towel' looks. Another worthless quality, but when I go to the pool I'll wrap the kids in their towels and make them look like princesses, or like Japanese people in kimono's, and the occasional mermaid.
-I can tell the Cloud Story and make kids tired and fall asleep.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

-I can't go cross eyed.
-I can't change wiper blades on my car. (Just found that out today, they can be very complicated).
-I can't touch hay. I'm very allergic.
-I can't dance, if you want a good laugh I'll show you.
-I can't lift up my car, its way too heavy.
-I can't plug my nose with my lip.
-I can't flare my nostrils.

7 Things That Attracted Me To Troy:

-He has dimples, this was the first thing I noticed apart from his big blue eyes.
-He works harder than any person I know.
-He can make me laugh... even when the things he says "shouldn't" be funny, it always comes out that way.
-He's waited in line for 60 minutes, just to talk to me for 15.
-He has the patients of a saint!
-He's an awesome dad and a great hunny!
-He is a clean freak.... and I love it, my house is always spotless when he's home.

7 Things I Say Most Often:

-Oh hey, how are you?
-Where is your sippie?
-Where's Brayden? (gasp) There he is. Where's Brayden? (gasp) There he is.
-If you touch the computer one more time, mommy is going to scream!!

7 Celebrity Admirations:

-Pierce Brosnan. W-O-W! He is like a old 'Edward' with an accent. He's very down to Earth, which makes him even more appealing.
-Adam Sandler. I'm not gonna lie, I have a thing for him.
-Dennis Quaid. Definitely the best smile of them all. Ahhhhhhh.
-Rachel McAdams. I think she's my favorite actress. Plus she doesn't even own a car. She rides her bike, and takes public transportation... her step towards going green..I admire that.
-Jennifer Aniston. She got publicly dumped, and still held her head up. Couldn't have been easy.
-Ty Pennington/home extreme make over people. I cry every Sunday because of the great things they do for people.
-Oprah. She's in the position to do great things, and she does. Some people have billions of dollars and don't care what happens to less fortunate. Not her.

7 Favorite Foods(in no particular order):

-Chocolate. And all that it implies.
-Stroganoff, dad's style.
-Tasty turkey bagel sandwich.
-Mashed potatoes.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ok, lets get mushy and talk about love for a minute. Lets say you love someone, lust for someone, or simply adore that one person who is special in your life. How do you treat them? Since when did we forget that its what we do to the people we love, that matters? This Holiday season, I challenge all of you to do something for someone you love. Don't just say it, actions speak louder than words. Show them how Grateful you are for having them in your life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


On Monday we went to get Brayden's picture taken with Santa. He didn't like him that much, but I made him do it (Because I'm mean).

This is back when he absolutely loved Santa! Last year... Time sure flies by fast.