Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hawaiian {Wannabies}

It has been over a year since I have updated.... Well I love facebook better.
Troy came back from Afghanistan in April....
So we decided we needed some fun.
 We went to Hawaii again. 
We love it there. 
We never want to leave. Ever.
If it was up to B and Jack, we'd live there.
Sounds good to me....
Jack turned 2 while we were there.
He is amazing. 
We love him! 
To pieces.
Sometimes he makes it hard to work from home.
But his ultra cuteness gets him out of trouble. 
Sometimes this awesome 5 year old comes to work with me.
He is an amazing assistant.
Working hard, and playing hard... 
Well I suppose it can make one thirsty, and tired. 
Eating peanut butter and jelly can be tiring, too.
This happened. Seriously.
I cried. Lets not talk about it.
I have become one of those parents that says:
"It just goes by so fast"
Well it does.
This hot guy, with the guns, caught an Ono.
It was amusing, and fun, and I screamed and cheered like a geek.
 One of Brayden's crocks made the trip, the other one didn't.
Day 1 at the beach: "Mommy, walking on sand is hard work"
Don't worry, I agreed, and he got a new set of beach shoes shortly after.
This moment happened.
And this...
This did to.... My tree was half naked this year. Whatever.
It was still cute.  :)