Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love you this much!

While Troy was playing with Brayden the other night, I stopped and thought that I couldn't be luckier to have a husband that loves his child so much. Troy is usually the fun parent. Don't get it wrong, I can be 'cool' sometimes, but Troy is the parent of preference when it comes to smooshing, jumping, and climbing on. And when it comes to Brayden, in my mind, no other child could be more spoiled. I often tell Troy that he spoils him too much, but Troy continues to do what ever he wants. I mean seriously, if the kid cries in his crib for even a second, papa Troy is to his rescue. If he squashes food with his fingers, his dad is the first to say "eeeeewwwwww" and make him laugh. If he sees something he wants to play with, his dad steps in to play with him and makes things seem more exciting. If Brayden wants something, Troy usually gets it for him.

Now I know that spoiling can sometimes go to far, and I usually balance that out a little.... But after thinking about it, I know so many dads who put their kids on the back burner. These guys usually do whatever they want to and continue to deal with just 'their needs and wants' and not those of the children. With that being said, I have decided that if my son comes before anything else in my husbands eyes... thats just fine with me! And don't miss understand this though, Troy can sometimes put his foot down when its needed. And I'm just as lucky as Brayden. Because in most cases, I'm just as spoiled as he is. So life is good!

The thing I love about this, is how much it reminds me of my dad. When I was 6, my dad took me to see Oliver and Company (the animated Disney movie) when it came out the first time. We saw it (in the theater) 14 times with in two Wednesdays and a weekend (aka 4 days). Now obviously the things he did for me really made an impact. Especially if I remember it twenty years later. But a lot of the traits my dad had, my husband has. And I will be honest, when I first married Troy I wasn't sure how he'd be with kids because he was so shy around them. But its true what they say: "Wait 'til the kids come, then you'll see"... And you know what.... they're right! What I see, I definitely like!

Here are some pictures of Brayden and Troy:

Aw, this is my favorite picture of them. This was the first week Troy came back from Iraq and they actually got to meet each other in person. Brayden was 5 months here, and he just took to Troy instantly. He knew it was his daddy.


Brayden was telling daddy stories in his own language that we actually understand.

There's nothing like shooting in the air!

Making the cart that blocks came in just a little more exciting.

I think we might have another wrestler on our hands.

He just loves his daddy!

His dad even taught him what team to cheer for.

Thanks to my amazing hunny for being the best dad.
We love you!


Doug & Angie Gray said...

That is so cute. I am so glad he is a good Dad.

Shannon said...

That's SO heartwarming. I know we were talking about how good of a dad Troy is this afternoon. My dad was and still is a great dad, but he was a workaholic and didn't have much time for us kids. It's great to see a man step up to the role of being a parent.

Your dad sounds like an awesome dad! Really, he took you to see that movie that many times?!?!?! He must really love you tons!