Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Dreading Deployment

Troy left on Friday. Its a bummer because he was only home for ten months and ten days, so I'm starting to feel that April cannot come fast enough.

So here is a little insight to what will happen. He will spend the next 3-4 weeks in Wisconsin. Then he will fly from Wisconsin to Middle East. When he travels from Wisconsin, they usually stop in Europe somewhere. From there, he'll make a call home and that will be the last I talk to him for a few days.... It will be a little while before I hear anything. Once I do hear something and know where he's at and that he got there safe, I'll post it right away. So everyone just be patient. I know just as much as everyone else how nerve wracking and annoying it can be to not know where they are. But there's not a lot I can do about it except wait until I hear something.

Once he's there he'll be able to check emails, and call home. He usually calls everyday, so its nice. Sometimes he gets to go somewhere that allows him to have an internet connection in his room, so we get to see him on the web cam in the morning and at night! So pray he gets to go somewhere like that!!

Anyways, here's his email so everyone can keep in touch:


hgsanders said...

I have been in the same place you are right now:( If you need anyone to talk to or anything let me know!! Love Yeah

Scarlett said...

Drea! This just sucks! I seriously admire your strength! April will be here before you know it! Call me if you need to chat!