Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Only Happy When It Rains...

I miss Washington. Ugh! Seriously! This whole week I've been thinking 'What if?' We had the opportunity to go back there, and we had 'decided' to get out and move home. Then we changed our minds and stayed in... Now we are stuck in Vegas. However, it has all worked out for the best... Although, I can't help but miss the rain, the clouds, the smell of clean crisp air, and moss growing on the freeways. This is probably on my mind because we 'would have' moved up there this week!

So I miss the green-ness, but most importantly I miss the people. I miss my Sheena and our adventures of watching 'Friends' and I miss baby Kiana (who isn't a baby anymore) grabbing my nose, twisting it, then smiling at me! Missing Kiana usually makes me feel sad and old, considering she's 4 now and I've missed it!... this also makes me long to see Kindra (her little sister) Sheena has done well to keep me up to date, but I still miss being there (They're kinda like Brayden's cousins I guess). And now our visits are far and few between. I also miss Nan and T's favorite phrase: "Can we paint?" Which happened almost everyday, so Michaels became a regular stock up place. I miss how they couldn't say their R's very well, so I was "And-jew-ah!" Even to this day that has still stuck with me and I'd give anything to hear them say it again. And most disgustingly, I miss the deer that Callie would chase. She used to act so alive, now she is old and hates the heat. And sadly, there are no deer here. Just dirt.

Don't get me wrong, Vegas (despite its grooling summers) has really grown on me. But there are times when I just want a really bad thunderstorm to roll in. This way, I can sit in my house and listen to the rain hit my roof and splash through my rain gutters. Wait, do I even have rain gutters? Troy ALWAYS says, "Well, just hope the Dam breaks, then you'll get your water." Correction, I don't to die, and "NO!" Troy, the Hoover breaking would not be cool!! All I want is just a thunderstorm here and there. Then, THEN I'll be satisfied!! On the other hand, God created the desert for some reason that I haven't discovered yet, and I guess I need to be thankful that I even have ground to stand on. So just forget all my ranting, I just need to be reminded that I'm blessed. The end.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Got Paper?

This is what happens when mommy takes a shower, and Brayden notices toilet paper.

Did I mention he took off his pants and diaper too! My hands are definitely full!

Friday, July 25, 2008

YAY! Camera works!

So last night I took some time to fix my camera and I finally got to take some pictures!! (Oh, and yes mom, I will get his haircut soon). Anyways, my camera couldn't have been fixed at a better time because Brayden suddenly got an attack of the giggles!

And then, in an instant, the giggles disappeared and the grouch returned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mischievous Monkey

So Brayden has an obsession with his new talent of climbing on to the couch. Climbing on the couch includes the extreme pleasure of playing with the blinds. Much to my dismay, this is Brayden's new favorite activity. So I decided to catch him in the act and show off his naughty nature. Hope you all enjoy my misery and his happiness.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

San Diego!

So it was my birthday last Friday, and we spent the weekend out in San Diego visiting Cortney. Brayden was fine getting out there and back, but during is another story. He was a handful for sure! He liked the zoo and the "Georgies" (monkeys like Curious George), and he was alright at the beach, but Sea World... Ugh, do not take your child there until they are like 5. You can't take the strollers into any of the exhibits (and reasonably so due to space concerns). So you can imagine how fun it must be for a 1 year old to go in and out of the stroller all day..... plus, it was pretty warm. Thankfully we didn't miss too much. Cortney took the little Beez for a little stroll, and Troy and I got to go see Shamu! Unfortunately my camera decided not to work while we were out there, so I got a few shots of the car ride and the beach thanks to my camera phone.

(Troy and Brayden at the beach, yes he wore his sneakers)

(Troy let him feed himself on the way out there, and on the way back)

(This was today, after he dumped it on himself, what a great idea!)

Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged by Scarlett!
Here are the rules: List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts, and then tag 5 other people. Leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged. Here we go............

I love spending time with Beezees! He is changing so much that sometimes I just want to freeze the moments. But there are times when I wish he was 3 already so I can take him to Disney Land.
I love being with my honey. We go on nightly walks and we actually get to talk about our day... and the best part.... Brayden is actually quiet in his stroller (most of the time).
3. Honestly, just chilling and being myself in my ultra comfy pj pants. We usually keep our house around 73 degrees. So its perfectly acceptable to do that, even here in Vegas.

Ugh, my biggest fear is anything happening to Brayden. I think I'd go insane if anything bad were to happen to him. He is, and always will be, the center of my life. Also, my mom and I have a pact that she and I have to die on the same day (no surprise there).
2. Anything happening to Troy. I think the fear is even worse now that we have Brayden. Deep down I'd be really lonely without him, and probably never be able to marry again... but even worse, if anything ever happened to Troy, Brayden wouldn't get the time with his dad. Since my dad died when I was 17, it makes me sad to think Brayden would ever have to go through that.
3. My parachute not opening, if and when I ever decide to go sky diving. Free falling is just not my thing.

Well lately I seem to be obsessed with buying a house. Since the housing market went down in Vegas, it's always on my mind about how it could be a really good investment.
2. When will I ever have another baby? NOT that I am trying, and I don't want another right now. Trust me, my hands are full. But I just wonder... will my kids be 3 years apart? 4 years? Would I have another boy, or even a girl? So on and so on.... kinda a weird thing to think about I know.

3. The internet. I always update my myspace, post pictures, and now I'm blogging! Ugh, its like a disease. Especially now that we are looking for houses, I always log on to see what new homes have become available. --Sounds lame right?

1. I am double jointed. I don't know if that is even a fun fact, its disgusting. I discovered my hidden talent in the ninth grade when my fingers kept locking up during piano practice.
2. I secretly miss oil painting, and all my other artsy things. Ugh, I love to paint and I really really miss it.
3. I sing at the top of my lungs while driving in the car. I will spare your ears and not do it in front of you, or anyone for that matter. But poor Brayden has to hear it all the time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Its official, today Troy signed the papers to be in the Air Force another 10 months. Then next year he will re-enlist again for another 4-6 years. But, this means he has to go to Iraq, again!! This will be his third time in three and a half years. As unhappy as it makes me to see him off to Iraq again, this was a really hard decision for him to make. Getting out right now just didn't suit us, especially because his job on the 'outside' doesn't pay very well right now (thanks Exxon for ruining our economy). We'd both have to work full time to make the same amount he does now... and that meant less one on one time with Brayden, and no house, no finishing school, and no whatever.... couldn't really see us getting that far.... so I guess he made the right choice (hopefully).