Friday, March 13, 2009


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets Have a Cup of Humble, Shall We?

Let me just say this first, being in between sizes sucks. Period. While I'm thankful I've lost 7 pounds, I'm stressed out that my clothes do not fit me right. I really don't want to spend the money to buy new clothes during my "lifestyle change". Besides- that is going to be my 'reward' money for a new wardrobe. However its hard to look attractive in big tee-shirts, and whats worse... not finding the tee-shirt I can actually fit in. So what do I do when I can't find a shirt that fits? Well, I throw a fit. I'll be honest, I act like a 12 year old when things aren't going my way and my shirt isn't right in front of me covered in gold silk. I scream at my closet, dump my hamper on my bed, and search helplessly through the remains. And yes, I'm normally screaming "where is my stupid shirt!? Uuuugh!!"

Is this really appropriate behavior in front of my 22 month old? Um, no. And the other day I found out why. This is sooooo embarrassing, and it is actually really hard to know that my son see's me this way. I figure that I can benefit from this (and learn a good lesson), so I'll tell my story:

I'm having a "battle" with the hamper on my bed, yelling "where is my stupid shirt" and getting very agitated. Well I found my shirt, put it on, and my life went on. HOWEVER! A few hours later, I found Brayden in my closet throwing my clothes above his head yelling "shirt shirt!" Then balling up his fists and saying "arrrrrg!" He immediately starts laughing, like he just cracked himself up or saw something really funny. Well, was he laughing at me? UH, obviously! One: kids don't lie. And two: I must look like a complete psycho when I do it, and he thinks its hilarious! This is sooooo not healthy in anyway!!

I was humbled. My one year old humbled me. He made me notice that I am NOT invisible when I act bad or when I say naughty words like 'stupid'. Man, I need to change my ways. Because if I'm not invisible to Brayden, I'm definitely not invisible to others and I really need to start setting a better example!

Someone want to shovel my embarrassed soul off the ground now?