Monday, September 15, 2008

Mr. Bucket

Brayden has a space for all his toys in the living room that I call "Mr. Bucket". In fact he has two of them. A normal day consists of me asking him, "Did you put all your toys in Mr. Bucket? Don't tip over Mr. Bucket please". And the phrase that I'm saying more and more today is "Get out of Mr. Bucket!" I have no idea why I decided to call him Mr. Bucket, but the name works and has definitely stuck! Here is Mr. Bucket 1 and Mr. Bucket 2 and Brayden trying to live in them. (And yes, in some of these pictures he has major bed head!)


Christopher and Jessica said...

What a bundle of pure energy and excitement! Oh do I look forward to those days.

Shannon said...

I love his hair!!! I'm going to use the phrase "Mr. Bucket" next time he is at my house and just see what kind of response I get!

Auntie Ruth said...

Ahahaha.. LMAO! I love it, he is just a happy-go-lucky kid huh? Can't wait to teach him some new "tricks" when I get back ;)