Monday, March 25, 2013


So a few weeks ago, Troy was pulled into a meeting with 20 other guys. They were told to be prepared for orders to be an MTI Instructors at Lackland AFB in San Antonio because they met the qualifications. Qualifications=Great Airmen with the clean record and the right rank. This is when being a hard working employee works against you in the Military. It is non-voluntary. They didn't have a choice. If you get called to do it you either do it, or get out. It was a rumor that had gone around for a little bit, and was finally here. The schedule for MTI's is horrible, and we were scared he was going to get the slot. He has been on-station here for a long time which puts him on top of the list.

Troy called from work and told me what was going on. He said was putting in for all non-conus slots that were open. He wanted to see if he could get selected somewhere else before the list to San Antonio came out. Troy said our only options were; Germany, Japan, Italy, and Alaska. OR he gets selected for the job in San Antonio. OR we get out and go home.

This was hard. We have come to love Vegas. We love our house, our friends, being able to go home anytime we needed. Vegas has been good to us. It was so scary to think we would have to pick up and move again... But that's the military... After a few deployments I should be ready for anything... But I was still shocked by the news...

A few days later, Troy left to NCO Academy in Texas. We still had no idea what was going to happen. Where we were going... what we were going to do.... And we weren't supposed to know for a little while... like 2 months... well... that 2 months pretty much turned into 2 weeks... While Troy was at NCO Academy, he logged into his work email... and right there staring back at him was the words PROJECTED ASSIGNMENT, followed by a base code... Nervous, he searched up the code to see where we were going....

Weeks before, we talked about the places we'd go. We both voted that Alaska was the best from the list. I wanted Alaska because my dearest friend lives there. He wanted it because they spoke English. Italy was second. I wanted it for the pasta. He wanted it because it sounded better than Germany and Japan. We both agreed that Germany and Japan were only on the list because they would be better than the MTI job. Period.

Well... That projected assignment, the unknown base code, turned out to be to Aviano.... as in Italy. Yep! You heard me right. We are moving to Italy! The more and more I think about it, the more excited I am. Aviano is only 30 minutes from a ski resort in the ALPS... Um, yes please. And an hour and a half from Venice. Plus we get to travel with the kids! We have already located the closest Disneyland. Disneyland Paris. I am sure we will be visiting that a few times. Not to mention... Rome! We will be able to go through the new temple's open house.... which is sooooooo exciting!!! Plus Santorini, London, Nice, Bern, Amsterdam... Just to name a few... The more the days pass, the more excited I am for our new adventure! And I'm double excited that Italy beat San Antonio to the punch! Take that Texas!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hawaiian {Wannabies}

It has been over a year since I have updated.... Well I love facebook better.
Troy came back from Afghanistan in April....
So we decided we needed some fun.
 We went to Hawaii again. 
We love it there. 
We never want to leave. Ever.
If it was up to B and Jack, we'd live there.
Sounds good to me....
Jack turned 2 while we were there.
He is amazing. 
We love him! 
To pieces.
Sometimes he makes it hard to work from home.
But his ultra cuteness gets him out of trouble. 
Sometimes this awesome 5 year old comes to work with me.
He is an amazing assistant.
Working hard, and playing hard... 
Well I suppose it can make one thirsty, and tired. 
Eating peanut butter and jelly can be tiring, too.
This happened. Seriously.
I cried. Lets not talk about it.
I have become one of those parents that says:
"It just goes by so fast"
Well it does.
This hot guy, with the guns, caught an Ono.
It was amusing, and fun, and I screamed and cheered like a geek.
 One of Brayden's crocks made the trip, the other one didn't.
Day 1 at the beach: "Mommy, walking on sand is hard work"
Don't worry, I agreed, and he got a new set of beach shoes shortly after.
This moment happened.
And this...
This did to.... My tree was half naked this year. Whatever.
It was still cute.  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I want... I already have....

I have the most adorable boys ever.
The best honey.
I am blessed.
Very, blessed.
I am just going to ask God for one thing for Christmas....
To bring my husband home safely.
It's ok if we have to wait until April.
We miss him.
We love him.
Brayden told me tonight that he wanted to be a soldier, just like his Daddy and Captain America.
I just smiled.
I love my little boys....
Here, take a look.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Summer 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Glipse Into My Photography


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Monday, June 6, 2011

B is 4!!

He is a wonderful big brother

He can always make us laugh

He has a great imagination

He can be mischievous

and silly

extremely loveable

and carefree

and tender hearted

We love you B! You are such a blessing to us!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation!

Rosie and Brayden

Today was Brayden's graduation from preschool, and I need to pay tribute to someone very special!

Ever wanted to know what a Saint looked like? Well just look in the picture. The cute lady with
B is his most precious teacher Rosie. He and I both love her to pieces. Rosie is as sweet as her name, she has the energy of a two year old, and what would seem to be unlimited patience! Rosie is a special needs teacher and she truly has been a Godsend to us!

I went to her the first week of preschool. Brayden was enrolled in another class at a different CDC, and since he couldn’t communicate well… well, it was bad. A very dear friend of mine told me about Rosie. She said that Rosie was the "Child Whisperer" and she could fix anything. So later that afternoon I went to meet with her. I remember meeting her for the first time and finding my self with most sweetest spirited person ever! I told Rosie about Brayden’s behavior and my concerns about his speech and that he didn’t communicate well. She gave me a lot of information, and she told me that even if I couldn’t get him changed to that class right away, to just come anyway and “visit” because she’d make room for us. (And this is after she knew me a whole 5 seconds). Sweet huh!!

It was nothing short of a blessing that the class had an opening, and I was able to switch him within the week. I remember that first day picking him up, and Rosie was holding his hand and walking out with all the other kids to the bus. I guess he just didn’t want to let go. After all was said and done, and the other kids were on the bus, Rosie walked him to the car and helped him get in his car seat. She spent time talking to him, and I just kept thinking “Wow… she is so wonderful!! And she’s actually getting him in his car seat!” And you know what, that wasn’t the last time either.

When ever I would need help, thought I needed help, didn’t know I needed help… its like she magically knew how to help. Anytime I asked for advice, she always knew what to say and had some kind of resolution to a problem…. As you can see, it’s not hard to understand why Brayden and I think she hung on the moon!

Brayden has come a long way, from talking to communicating, from super crazy to calm and crazy ;) I can't help but be so very very proud of him! But when I stop and look at it, I am so very grateful to have had someone helping me along the way. I am truly indebted to her. I don’t know how I will ever repay her for everything she has done. I don’t know how I could ever thank her enough. We love our Rosie, and it’ll be a very long summer without her!!!!

Alecia, Brayden, and Rosie

Receiving his certificate!

For the last day they had water play!!

Brayden and Rosie

And he loved it!!

May she didn't quite so much. ;)

Brayden, Seth, and Rosie

Teachers got involved too!

Seth and Rosie

And paybacks were more than welcome!


Even baby brothers enjoyed the fun!

Daddy and Jack