Monday, June 8, 2009


Brayden LOVES cars! Riding in them, helping mom build them, and in some cases he thinks he's even big enough to drive them!

It doesn't matter that Auntie Ruth's truck weighs 4,729 pounds, he thinks he can handle it.

Brayden's sunglasses or 'Oh Yeahs!' are a must in the car. It doesn't matter if they're on properly.

He hates getting in the car seat. But once he's in there, it doesn't matter that he's strapped in.

And when I tried to buy him his own car, it didn't matter if it wasn't built yet, he still wanted to be in it.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


On Saturday my lil Beez turned 2. It is hard to believe that he's that old, has a mouth full of teeth, and weighs 27 pounds!! It feels just like yesterday I had him and honestly.... this all went by a little too fast!! I wish time would SLOW DOWN just a bit and I could enjoy my baby {little boy} just a little bit longer.