Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photography Class....

My photography class has ended and I'm so sad about it. It's going to seem like forever until my next class starts. Well, I'll put in some of the work I did. All these pictures were produced in the wet lab. So please forgive me if they look weird, my scanner is dumb and acts like its 957 years old. But the originals are awesome.. here's a little bit of my work. But before I show you anything, I have to give a special thanks to Shannon and her boys Ethan and Evan. They were my models through most of my class and I'm so thankful of the time I got to spend with them. I'm also grateful that they put up with me too!! Did you know that Shannon actually watched Brayden while I went to class? As if I didn't ask enough from her already!! They did a lot for us, and I just needed everyone to know how amazing they are. Thanks guys, love ya lots and lots!!

This is Ethan and Evan at Spring Mountain Ranch, the old "Howard Hughes" place.

All the rest are of Brayden at Mount Charleston and Spring Mountain Ranch. I'll post some more soon, I just have these close because they were part of my final. Anyways, I'm thinking about doing some more outdoor children's photography if anyone is interested.... the more I do it, the better I'll get {hopefully}.

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Shannon said...

Oh WOW...I must get a copy of the boys by the fence! It's so rustic and old-fashioned looking! And the pics of Bray turned out so well!

Goodness, I feel like I need to thank you a thousand times over! You took pictures of us for free, gave us copies, and hung out with us. :o) And blog readers, I did watch Bray, but not for free. So Andrea was doing me a favor as well helping me to earn some extra $$. :o)