Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucky #7 Tag

I was tagged by Scarlett!

7 Things I Can Do:
-Take pictures. I love to do it, but I'm far from being a professional.
-I can still do a back bend, and yes I'm very proud of that.
-I can Rollerblade! I just push the stroller around now when I go cruising in the neighborhood.
-I can play the piano.
-I have a good memory of home layouts. This is beyond worthless, but if I'm in someones house, I can go home and draw it if I wanted to.
-I can make 'towel' looks. Another worthless quality, but when I go to the pool I'll wrap the kids in their towels and make them look like princesses, or like Japanese people in kimono's, and the occasional mermaid.
-I can tell the Cloud Story and make kids tired and fall asleep.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

-I can't go cross eyed.
-I can't change wiper blades on my car. (Just found that out today, they can be very complicated).
-I can't touch hay. I'm very allergic.
-I can't dance, if you want a good laugh I'll show you.
-I can't lift up my car, its way too heavy.
-I can't plug my nose with my lip.
-I can't flare my nostrils.

7 Things That Attracted Me To Troy:

-He has dimples, this was the first thing I noticed apart from his big blue eyes.
-He works harder than any person I know.
-He can make me laugh... even when the things he says "shouldn't" be funny, it always comes out that way.
-He's waited in line for 60 minutes, just to talk to me for 15.
-He has the patients of a saint!
-He's an awesome dad and a great hunny!
-He is a clean freak.... and I love it, my house is always spotless when he's home.

7 Things I Say Most Often:

-Oh hey, how are you?
-Where is your sippie?
-Where's Brayden? (gasp) There he is. Where's Brayden? (gasp) There he is.
-If you touch the computer one more time, mommy is going to scream!!

7 Celebrity Admirations:

-Pierce Brosnan. W-O-W! He is like a old 'Edward' with an accent. He's very down to Earth, which makes him even more appealing.
-Adam Sandler. I'm not gonna lie, I have a thing for him.
-Dennis Quaid. Definitely the best smile of them all. Ahhhhhhh.
-Rachel McAdams. I think she's my favorite actress. Plus she doesn't even own a car. She rides her bike, and takes public transportation... her step towards going green..I admire that.
-Jennifer Aniston. She got publicly dumped, and still held her head up. Couldn't have been easy.
-Ty Pennington/home extreme make over people. I cry every Sunday because of the great things they do for people.
-Oprah. She's in the position to do great things, and she does. Some people have billions of dollars and don't care what happens to less fortunate. Not her.

7 Favorite Foods(in no particular order):

-Chocolate. And all that it implies.
-Stroganoff, dad's style.
-Tasty turkey bagel sandwich.
-Mashed potatoes.

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