Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Tag

I was tagged by Sara!!

Top 3 Vacations
-The Caribbean cruise we went on early this year-It was awesome!
-Vancouver- Troy and I went to Canada when we still lived in Washington. I loved it!
-Its a tie for Hawaii and San Diego. My two favorite places because people I love are there.

Top 3 Favorite Flowers
-Fire and ice roses.
-And I think daisies are a very friendly flower.

Top 3 favorite comfort foods
-Stroganoff. My dad used to make it, and I make it just like he did...
-Baked cream cheese chicken and potatoes casserole.
-Brownies and root beer floats. (I know floats don't count because they're a drink, but I always have them together).

Top 3 Places to Shop
-Since I'm a mom, Children's Place. Best place for kiddos.
-Old Navy.

Top 3 Opinions About Halloween
-I like dressing 'other' people up (aka Brayden). Not really myself.
-I like giving out the full size treats.. BUT I hate giving them to kids who are greedy and want more than one. Ew. Other kids need treats too!
-Glad Brayden was too young to eat his candy this year, more for me!

Top 3 Opinions About Thanksgiving
-I love it.
-I love food and family.
-I love mashed potatoes! Nuff said!

Top 3 Opinions About Christmas
-My favorite holiday, I love decorating for xmas.... even though I haven't done it this year. (And I'm with Sara on this one, un-decorating isn't near as fun. Its annoying.)
-I love our brunch every Christmas morning at my grandma's, promptly at 11. Its every year without fail.
-Makes me thankful that there is such a thing as family. Even if some very important members are on the other side of the world and missing this great holiday with their families.

Top 3 things I look forward to during the week
-Troy's morning call, usually 9 a.m. every morning.
-My nightly walks with beez.
-Web cam with Troy. Its cool to watch his face when he looks at Brayden.

Top 3 Events Happening This Week
-I'm driving home to Utah.
-I'm attending my parent's open house party on Saturday.
-I'm going out to dinner with Shannon.

Now I am going to tag......Scarlett, Wendy, Christie, Shannon, Jessica, and Holly.

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Jessica said...

Hey hun!
Thanks for the tag. It was a lot of fun. Definitely looks like you're going to have a busy Christmas and be careful coming to Utah. I'm thinking about you guys this season! Lots of hugs, Jess