Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our sweet Callie made her journey to Heaven tonight.

The best dog in the whole world has left us. Our hearts are heavy and we'll be so lonely without her. Callie made our home complete, and I hope she knows how much we love her. Thank you Callie for the most wonderful and joyful years you brought to our lives. We will never be the same.

Love, Your Family

Even when he was sick, Brayden loved his woo-woo!

She was his other mommy, always making sure he was ok.

She was easy going and fun.

She could be silly (here she is beating up troy).

After a bath.

Callie, my mom, Lady, Grandma, and me back in Utah.

Callie always loved Christmas time (and stockings).

She loved Washington and the deer she would chase.

This was when we first got her at 9 months.

Such a sweetie!

Oh Cal, I will miss you sweet personality and kind spirit. Our nights will be empty without hearing you snoring. Our ears will miss the 'swoosh' of the doggy door. My cleaning will never be the same without my little "Hoover" all it took was two taps with my foot, and the food on the floor would be gone. Who will eat Brayden's Cheerios now without you here? I'll miss you everyday, and I'll think of you every time I hear Cheryl Crow's: My Favorite Mistake. The song was your favorite, and you 'sang' (howled) it your whole life. I'll miss your silent, but deadly toots. Troy will now have to take the blame for his own farts. Last but certainly not least, I'll miss you and your loving personality. I'll never forget the first time I saw you...I knew you were ment for our family and I'm so thankful you picked us to take you home.


Doug & Angie Gray said...

That makes me cry that is so sad. I am so sorry.

Scarlett said...

Drea! I am so sorry! That seriously breaks my heart! I know how it is to lose a dog. It's like losing a member of the family! Call me if you need to cry to someone! Good luck!