Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bring On The Rain!

OOOOH YEAH!! I finally got my storm!! I took most of these, and then borrowed a few from Shannon (thanks hun). I loved hearing the rain outside, and you know what...... I learned I DON'T have rain gutters! The storm was pretty wicked and I wish the high winds, lighting, and thunder could have lasted much longer. Here are some pictures..... and Brayden loved the rain, but he did NOT love the thunder!

Outside my front door.

My street.

My driveway!

Some garbage can thought it'd be fun to go water rafting and park in front of my house.


Water taking over the sidewalk!

Water attempting to flood Christie's old house ;P

My backyard.

My rocks got plenty to drink!

Brayden loving the rain.....

And hating that scary thunder!


Doug & Angie Gray said...

Gosh either you get nothing or you get a flood huh.

Shannon said...

Good pics...and you're most welcome for my professional photography that you borrowed! LOL That was some storm...I loved it as did the boys!!!!