Sunday, July 13, 2008

San Diego!

So it was my birthday last Friday, and we spent the weekend out in San Diego visiting Cortney. Brayden was fine getting out there and back, but during is another story. He was a handful for sure! He liked the zoo and the "Georgies" (monkeys like Curious George), and he was alright at the beach, but Sea World... Ugh, do not take your child there until they are like 5. You can't take the strollers into any of the exhibits (and reasonably so due to space concerns). So you can imagine how fun it must be for a 1 year old to go in and out of the stroller all day..... plus, it was pretty warm. Thankfully we didn't miss too much. Cortney took the little Beez for a little stroll, and Troy and I got to go see Shamu! Unfortunately my camera decided not to work while we were out there, so I got a few shots of the car ride and the beach thanks to my camera phone.

(Troy and Brayden at the beach, yes he wore his sneakers)

(Troy let him feed himself on the way out there, and on the way back)

(This was today, after he dumped it on himself, what a great idea!)

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