Friday, April 24, 2009

Beezees and His First Theater Experience.

Last Saturday I decided that it was time to see how Beez would do in a movie theater. Monsters and Aliens were playing and I told troy we HAD to go! Well.. Troy did not want to do this, but he went with it anyway. He was so nervous when we walked into the theater, he said 'I'm scared, we're gonna be the only people with a one year old in the entire place!' Well I hate to say it babe, but you were wrong. It's a kids movie, and there were babies, one year-olds, twosises, and threesies. Anyways... I thought we needed popcorn and candy to distract him if we had any 'issues' and a drink. So once we had everything we needed, including a booster seat, we headed into theater #1 (kinda cool for his first time!).....and Brayden did so well! He insisted that he hold the popcorn through most of the movie. It was only the last ten minutes were he started to lose it a little, and i don't blame him- it was kinda slow at the end- So he and I decided to stand in the corner and finish watching the movie- it turned out that he just wanted to stomp around like Ginormica and growl. Overall he did really well, and I'm excited to take him again.

Troy, Brayden, and the massive amount of popcorn that we had no hope in finishing.


Jessica said...

That's so fun and awesome!! We're debating on taking Iszak to go see Monsters vs Aliens.. so I think you just answered my concerns. He's getting so big!

Scarlett said...

OH MY GOSH! Troy is home? Hello! Where have I been! I thought you were going to do a post about his homecoming. Maybe I missed something.......
Anyway, I'm glad Brayden did so well at the movies! Kassi loves going there! Are you going to come up here soon?