Friday, February 27, 2009

My Way

Performed by the 3 Tenors. I love the 3 Tenors. Some of you might notice I have they're stuff in my playlist, and yeah... I really DO like them. They remind me of working in my dad's office, or driving with him in his car- because he liked them... and since he's no longer here, well I guess it's sentimental and important to me. You could say they remind me of him. =) I thought about this song and they're performance during a discussion at bible study. And no, I did not think of it being sung by Sinatra, only the 3 tenors could come to mind....and yes, this is for you Shannon. =)


Shannon said...

Did you post this for me so that I could figure out which song this was??? LOL I may have heard this once before or so, but it's not extrememy familiar. SORRY! My parents listened to REO Speedwagon and Journey! LOL

Scarlett said...

Love the 3 Tenors! I grew up with stuff like this, too! Love that Troy got a pic with Toby Keith!