Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Mia Amore

I wanted to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support for baby Mia. I am amazed by how my family and friends have come together and pray for my friend's beautiful baby and her family. I love each and everyone of you, and I'm so thankful I have you all in my life.

These last few weeks have been a struggle. Baby Mia isn't doing very well and the doctors cannot find out what's wrong, whether its chromosomal or neurological. And she still cannot breathe on her own. Please continue to pray for baby Mia, her parents Rachael and Robert, and her big sister Mercedes. I know that Heavenly Father will see them through this and I pray that all of us can feel his presence no matter what the outcome may be. He has a special plan for Mia, and trusting in the Lord shall bring us all comfort.

If you would like to find out more about baby Mia and her condition, you can visit their family blog. And again, thank you for the continued prayers.

God Bless.

Rachael and Mia.

Baby Mia opening her eyes.

Mia Amore Adamis.

The day Mercedes met her sister.

Their family picture: Robert, Mercedes, Rachael, and Mia.

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Wendy said...

Mia is so cute and they look like the sweetest family. You are such a good friend to them, they are lucky to have you. We will keep them in our prayers.