Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Update.

I noticed recently that I haven't done an update in a while, so here it goes...

-He is finally getting his missing teeth. They seem to be very painful, and lucky for both of us, it looks like all 4 holes are getting filled at once! (So much fun!)
-Can you believe that this little booger weighs nearly 28 pounds... one would think my arms would be toner from lifting him, but guess again.
-We have been crib free for over a month now and he is loving it! However, I think the crib was very convenient, and I'm sad its gone. I'm tempted to cry each time I see it in the garage... ugh..

-I started school again, and I'm taking photography, geography and a health and wellness class. I love the photography class already, its one of the last 'film' classes they'll be teaching. Film development is going to become a 'specialty' I guess. Its a shame because silver prints are amazing and should be used more.
-I started a new workout thing, lets see how long I can keep up with it. It kicked my butt yesterday. But my goal is to be tone and healthy for the summer. So annoy me and constantly ask me how its going.....
-I'm getting excited for the next two months to pass by, Troy will be home in about 75 days! Suddenly seems like the time is starting to fly by. (He may even be home in time for Easter!)

-He is in Afghanistan, and luckily doesn't have to move again due to his physical therapy (from an injury that happened earlier in the deployment).
-He's studying for the Tech. Not many people make it their first time, but he's studying like crazy... so who knows, it may be time for another promotion party.
-He's annoyed with my broken phone and wishes he could put a drill through it. I told him Brayden did enough damage.

Interesting things that happened recently:

Our family that lives in Hawaii moved back to Utah. I'm extremely happy about that because now they will be so close! But I'm a little sad because I wont have a reason to go to Hawaii every year.

Base lock down. I can't really explain why- especially on the internet. Lets just say we couldn't get back home for a few hours and had to go roam around Sam's Club with 4 children. My nephew, two nieces, Brayden, my sister-in-law and I went through a lot of pretzels, diet coke, and root beer. We were all a little freaked out while trying to be interested at looking at the big jars of food this 'super club' offered. Fortunately we got the all clear a few hours later and were able to go home.

Broken phone. The plug in Brayden's sippie cup came undone and water started to leak in my new coach bag. Sadly my phone was in there and the water flooded it! Luckily my new bag was unharmed. But my stupid phone is busted and wont stop vibrating. RRRR.

My lovely new bag that my amazing hunny told me to buy for myself for Christmas and our Anniversary. Thanks babe. And YES, it was on sale (70% off regular price). If it wasn't... there is no way I could have brought myself to spend the money.


Scarlett said...

Hey Drea! I miss you too! Looks like you are doing pretty good,(except for the broken phone, teething toddler, and no sleeping thing.)I can't believe Troy comes home in a couple months! Yea! Hope to see you soon! Love ya!

Shannon said...

So do tell me about all of the things Brayden has been up to lately? LOL And how's the exercise program going? Hey, you said to bug you, so get ready for border-line stalking! LOL

Netts Nook said...

Maybe Brayden can be a boxer instead of a wrestler he good at punching holes. At least he not punching kids. (Yet) just kidding Grandma says KISSKISSKISS