Friday, November 7, 2008


For Halloween, we attempted "Trick or Treating" key word: attempted- for Brayden anyway. My friends Corina and Christie came over for some 'Halloween' Taco Soup and Trick or Treating. We took the kids out for about an hour, and Brayden did better in his stroller rather than walking. He was content at just looking at the kids in their costumes. This year he was a race car driver. I thought it was appropriate considering every time you see him- he has a hot wheels car in his hand. I, on the other hand, was a crazy Cowboys Fan! I think I got the psycho-crazy eyebrow enhanced look down.

Christie and I. According to Krystal, Christie is my "wife" this deployment.

Brayden kept trying to kiss Kylin! Despite our "no-no's"

Christie, Dillon, and Kylin.

Brayden playing with my wig.

zoom zoom.

Corina and I.

Dillon getting some candy- the people got really into it this year.

Red Ranger Dillon!

Reece and Corina.

Brayden and I, psycho brow enhanced.

Christie, Dillon, and Kylin-sleeping.

This smashed car has a story also. Before Corina came to my house, she called and said that her car wouldn't start. Curious as to why her car wouldn't start (since its barely 2 years old), she decided to blow it off and took Marty's Ram instead.... While she was on the freeway on the way to my house, this car started swerving right in front of her! Soon it hit the middle barrier and flew through the air and landed right in front of them! Luckily she was in their Ram because her car would have never stopped in time!! God works in mysterious ways. For those of you concerned about the driver, she climbed out of the passenger side a few seconds later. Thankfully she was fine and all was well on this Halloween night.

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Shannon said...

Cute Halloween pics!

That is so scary about your friend! Yes, God does work in mysterious ways! Hellelujah!