Thursday, October 30, 2008

Melanie & Brayden

So our friends Leisly and JP have a little girl named Melanie. She is ten months old and they are considered cousins. About two weeks ago I had Melanie for a few hours. Lets just say, the pictures speak for themselves. (And yes, this was before the haircut). She is so infatuated with the fact that he can do 'all this cool stuff' like walking and climbing. And he likes how she just sits and watches. He tries to make her laugh- its cute. When it came to sharing, Brayden couldn't be happier to take EVERYTHING away from her. I had to keep telling him, "no-no, this is for Melanie" but the bad thing with that was- he would take the toys away from her in such a way that, it didn't make her cry, it made her laugh... so he kept doing it -just to hear her giggles i guess.

Little Chillins'

She had a fascination with his forehead.

He kept trying to play 'peek-a-boo' with her, but every time he covered his eyes she attacked him.

She was saying something in the language only babies understand.

This is her favorite toy at our house, I think its because it spoke to her in Spanish. Brayden didn't like sharing this one.

Everything he touched she had to touch too!

This is when he decided that her toys were cooler.

He loved how she kept following him. I think she just wanted her toy back.

Toy thief. -This is what i meant about the face.


She loved his hair! He loved her cuddles.

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Shannon said...

They looked like they had a lot of fun together! I kinda miss the long, crazy hair. It's weird looking at Brayden with long hair on these pics!