Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farwell Sweet Sonya

My parents dog, and Callie's BFF, died on Tuesday. My step dad was so sad, he has lost both his dogs in the last year. Suddenly I was reminded that Sonya and Callie, our dog, were the same age. And I've just been thinking about how her 'time' just might be around the corner. So Yesterday I decided that doggy years go by so fast, and that she should enjoy her life a little more. Even though she is very spoiled as it is, I decided to indulge her with an extra back scratch and a few pieces of cheese (her favorite). Hopefully my little puppers, and Brayden's Woo-Woo, will be with us a little bit longer. I know this whole thing sounds weird. But I've had her for so long, and she's such a sweet edition to our little family, that I can't really imagine life without her.

(Sonya and Callie after they were trying to dig to China)

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Shannon said...

:( Losing a pet is hard. And yes, they seems to die so quickly (since doggie years are much faster than human years). Hugs:)